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Fiverr Secrets from a Top Seller: How I Built a Six Figure Business Online

Starting a business online can seem daunting. But with the right strategy, tools and perseverance, it is possible to build a lucrative brand on the internet. As a top seller on Fiverr, I’ve generated over $100,000 in revenue by tapping into the opportunities on this popular freelancing platform.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share my proven approach to success on Fiverr, including how to:

  • Craft an attractive Fiverr profile that converts
  • Choose winning gigs and keywords
  • Deliver 5-star service guaranteed to impress buyers
  • Scale your income using Fiverr’s many features
  • Maintain a 5-star rating and excellent seller status
  • Automate and outsource tasks to save time
  • Move buyers off Fiverr for long-term revenue

I’ll also answer the internet’s most frequently asked questions about making money on Fiverr, providing tips to maximize earnings as a beginner or experienced seller. Read on to learn the secrets that have allowed me to build a six figure business online with Fiverr.

Crafting a Killer Fiverr Profile

Your Fiverr profile is the storefront for your business. An attractive, professional profile is essential to stand out in this competitive marketplace and attract buyers. Here are my top tips for profile optimization:

1. Choose an Unforgettable Yet Professional Username

Your username is the first thing potential buyers will notice. Come up with a unique handle that reflects your brand identity. Include keywords relevant to your services.

GOOD: JohnTheVideoEditor, AnnesWritingGigs

BAD: John1234, Content456

2. Write a Catchy Profile Headline

Use your 160 character headline wisely. Highlight your best-selling gigs, years of experience, quick delivery, or satisfied customer reviews.


  • “Video Editor With 1000+ Projects Completed and 150+ Five-Star Reviews”
  • “Top Rated Copywriter and Content Creator Trusted By 500+ Happy Buyers”

3. Show Off Your Best Work in Your Profile Photo and Portfolio

Upload a professional headshot or image representing your brand as your profile picture. Curate an online portfolio showcasing your expertise with 8-10 strong samples.

4. Fill Out Your Profile Completely

Provide detailed information on your skills, experience, education, languages, awards etc. The more effort you put into your profile, the more credible you appear.

5. List Your Specializations

Categorize yourself so the right buyers can find you. For example, a writer might list: Whitepapers, Blog Posts, Social Media Content, Website Copy etc.

Choosing Winning Gigs and Keywords

The services you offer, also known as gigs, are the backbone of your Fiverr store. Here’s how to choose gigs and keywords optimized for sales.

1. Analyze Market Demand First

Research which gigs related to your skillset are selling well. Sort Fiverr search results by Best Selling or use tools like KeywordTool to find related keywords. Go broader for beginners (e.g. Video Editing). Niche down as you build up cred (e.g. Real Estate Video Editing).

2. Leverage Trends While Avoiding Saturated Areas

Jump on opportunities connected to new developments in your industry. But steer clear of extremely competitive gigs with thin margins like logo design or business card creation.

3. Broaden Beyond Your Core Offering

Upsell by providing additional but related services. A videographer could add drone videography, editing subtitles or animation effects.

4. Name Your Gigs Clearly

In titles and descriptions, focus on benefits and use keywords naturally.

GOOD: “I will edit your 30-60 min video for YouTube in 24 hours”

BAD: “Video services”

5. Price Competitively

Research competitors’ pricing to remain reasonably priced. Generally $5 gigs should take you 1 hour or less. Consider bundled offers.

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6. Be Unique

Add value with something special like extra FAST delivery, unlimited revisions, or PDF bonuses.

Wowing Buyers with 5-Star Service

The key to success on Fiverr is a string of glowing 5-star reviews. Here are ways to impress every buyer:

1. Start with Excellent Communication

Respond quickly. Set expectations upfront and overdeliver. Be friendly, patient and understanding.

2. Request Clear Instructions

Ask many questions to clarify complex or vague orders. Never make assumptions.

3. Meet (or Beat) All Deadlines

Buyers pay for delivery by a certain date. Finish early if possible. Notify immediately if delays seem likely.

4. Send Progress Updates

Give buyers visibility into the project status. Allow time for feedback and revisions.

5. Deliver High-Quality Work

Triple check for errors or omissions before submitting work. Follow provided examples and guidelines precisely.

6. Offer Satisfaction Guarantees

Assure buyers you’ll do what it takes to make them happy, including reworking projects at no added cost.

7. Express Appreciation

Thank buyers for the opportunity when you deliver the completed order. A handwritten or video thank you can go a long way.

Following this process consistently will help you accumulate high ratings and positive reviews.

Leveraging Fiverr’s Built-In Features

Fiverr includes extensive options to better manage your gigs, connect with buyers, and scale your earnings. Here are the key features to tap into:

Gig Extras

Add extras like faster delivery or additional revisions that buyers can add to any order for extra fees.

Fiverr Logo Maker

Use this free tool to create a unique logo for your profile to look more professional.

Seller Levels

Advancing to higher seller levels (Level 1 > Level 2 > Top Rated Seller) unlocks perks like earning higher revenue and improved visibility.

Fiverr Promote

This free self-serve ad platform helps attract buyers by promoting your gigs in Fiverr’s marketplace and via Google/Facebook ads.

Fiverr Analytics

Gain data-driven insights into your gigs’ views, clicks, conversions, reviews etc to refine your strategy.

Bulk Orders

Big buyers like agencies can purchase your gigs in bulk with discounts, streamlining workflows.

Custom Offers

Send specialized one-time offers to buyers who inquire about projects beyond your gig scope.


Manage conversations and orders with buyers in one centralized location.

Taking the time to properly leverage these features will propel your productivity and sales to the next level.

Maintaining 5-Star Seller Status

Having an elite Top Rated Seller badge boosts your reputation and keeps buyers coming back. Here’s how to maintain 5-star status:

1. Preserve a High Rating

Anything below a 4.7 average review rating risks account suspension, so go all out for 5 stars.

2. Honor Your Policies

Strictly follow your gig terms, policies and Fiverr’s TOS to avoid disputes that damage your rating.

3. Resolve Issues Quickly

If a problem arises, fix it immediately plus offer a consolation free of charge.

4. Monitor Your Metrics

Watch for drops in your order completion rate, response time and other key metrics that impact seller level.

5. Request Reviews

Politely ask happy buyers to leave reviews upon project completion. This helps counteract any negative ratings.

6. Provide Discounts

Loyal repeat customers may offer positive reviews in exchange for 10-20% off future orders.

7. Take Time Off

Use Fiverr’s vacation mode if you need a break to protect your metrics from slipping during downtime.

Automating and Outsourcing to Save Time

Running a successful Fiverr business takes time. That’s why it pays to automate repetitive tasks and outsource specialized skills. Here are winning ways to free up hours:

Email Templates

Create templates for order confirmations, status updates, thank you notes etc to send instantly.

Scheduling Assistance

Hire an affordable VA to schedule calls and manage calendars.

Bulk Tools

Use apps like Text Blaze and Milkshake to automate sending bulk messages.

Accounting Help

Outsource invoicing, expense tracking and bookkeeping grunt work.

Content Creation

If writing posts or creating graphics is eating up your time, find experts on Fiverr itself to help!

Recurring Orders

Negotiate ongoing orders on auto-pilot with key buyers.


Reduce repetitive questions by adding a chatbot like MobileMonkey to your website.

Project Management Apps

Standardize workflows using platforms like Asana or Trello.

Taking full advantage of automation assistance is crucial to managing the volume of orders as your business scales while retaining sanity!

Moving Buyers Off Fiverr for Higher Revenue

While Fiverr is a great lead channel, you can multiply your earnings by driving customers to your own website or channels. Tactics to divert buyers:

Upsell Custom Orders

Recommend adding services not offered on your Fiverr gigs by emailing prospects with pricing packages.

Promote Your Website

Add a link to your site on your profile. Insert a “About the Seller” document with your website into orders.

Offer Free Value

Provide opt-in magnets like courses, e-books, or email series to start capturing buyer emails and traffic.

Pitch Long-Term Partnerships

Propose ongoing contracts to repeat customers. Offer discounts in exchange for exclusivity or volume.

Send Special Offers

Email promos for custom services or bundles not available on your Fiverr gigs.

Cross-Sell Other Channels

Guide buyers to hire you on platforms like Upwork or even full-time if they need more work than Fiverr allows.

Launch Retargeting Ads

Entice buyers to return to your site using pixel tracking and LinkedIn/Facebook ads.

While you want to honor Fiverr’s rules, migrating top buyers to your independent brand is a proven way to boost lifetime value.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling on Fiverr

Selling services online through Fiverr is an intuitive way to monetize existing skills as a solopreneur. But if you’re new to freelancing on this platform, you probably still have many questions about how it all works. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about making money on Fiverr:

1. Do I need any special skills or experience to sell on Fiverr?

The best Fiverr sellers offer services showcasing real-world expertise, training or education. But anyone with a skill they’d like to get paid for – like writing, graphic design, programming, singing, coaching etc – can create gigs on the platform. Fiverr is also great for total beginners seeking to build a portfolio and ratings.

2. How long does it take to get my first order?

Be patient at first. It takes most new sellers 2-4 weeks of proactive gig optimization and promotion to land those critical first sales. Spend this ramp up period improving your profile and gig listings. Consider buying a few cheap gigs yourself to earn your first reviews.

3. Are all services on Fiverr only $5?

No! While $5 is the headline starting price, sellers can charge much more. Many successful gigs average $50-$500 orders, and premium services can reach $1000s. Use bundled packages and extras to earn well beyond $5 per transaction.

4. Is Fiverr good for professionals?

Definitely. Many six and seven figure earners use Fiverr to supplement or replace their full-time income. Doctors, lawyers, writers, software engineers and more leverage Fiverr to profit from their expertise with flexible hours.

5. How much money can I really make?

Top Fiverr sellers easily clear $50,000 to $100,000+ per year working part time. But results depend on your niche, gig quality, reviews and sales/marketing efforts. With the right strategy, Fiverr can become a very lucrative revenue stream.

6. Do I have to offer graphic design or digital services?

Not at all! While Fiverr buyers often seek creative and tech services, you can sell almost any legal skill. Physical services like house cleaning or car repair and knowledge-based services like business coaching also thrive on Fiverr.

7. Can I sell on Fiverr if I’m not in the US?

Yes! Fiverr has an international freelancer and buyer base. You can earn in many currencies. Language barriers may limit non-English gigs. But services like translation let non-native speakers earn in English.

8. What fees does Fiverr charge?

Fiverr takes a 20% cut of each transaction as their commission. For example, if you charge $100 for a gig, you’ll receive $80 after their fee. Fiverr also charges nominal processing fees per transaction.

9. Do I have to be online all the time?

No. One of Fiverr’s perks is you have full control over when and how much you work. You may log in a few times per day to communicate with buyers, but can largely work offline delivering projects on your own schedule.

10. Can this really replace my 9 to 5 job?

For many capable Fiverr sellers, absolutely. The top earners easily pull in full-time incomes working just 4-5 hours a day. And all the autonomy and flexibility of being your own boss. Ample motivation to build your Fiverr business into a prosperous career path!


I hope my guide with insider advice has equipped you to succeed on Fiverr and turn your skills into a thriving online business. While becoming a top seller takes commitment and perseverance, the financial and lifestyle payoff make it well worth the effort.

Remember, looking professional, overdelivering on orders, and proactively inviting reviews will make or break your Fiverr success. But apply my tips here and you’re well on your way to joining the platform’s highest earners.

The world is filled with hungry buyers eager to hire proven freelancers who demonstrate expertise and value. Get out there and show the world what you’ve got! Your Fiverr fortune is waiting.

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