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Making Money Online in 2022: New Ways for Beginners to Profit with No Experience

Earning extra income or even replacing your full-time job with an online business is more possible today than ever before. The internet has opened up a vast array of money-making opportunities that anyone can tap into with just a computer and internet connection. You don’t need special skills, huge investment capital or previous experience to start profiting online.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the most effective methods for making money online in 2022 as a complete beginner. With strategic effort and consistency, you can start seeing results in weeks or months. Let’s explore the new and classic ways you can start making money online even without prior experience.

Choosing the Right Online Money Making Opportunity

With so many options for making money online today, it can be overwhelming to know where to start as a beginner. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when choosing the right money-making platform for you:

Easy Entry for Beginners

Look for opportunities with low barriers to entry, so you can get started easily. Avoid options that require huge upfront investment or particular skills/experience.

Provides Training or Information

Select income streams that provide training, courses, or info to help you succeed as a beginner. Stay away from options that leave you to figure everything out alone.

Allows for Flexible Hours

Choose online money makers with schedule flexibility, so you can fit work around your existing commitments. Avoid rigid full-time options.

Generates Revenue Quickly

Look for platforms capable of producing income within the first few weeks or months. Be cautious of options that take significant time to profit.

Has Future Growth Potential

Select opportunities that allow you to scale up your income over time. Avoid stagnant options with limited profit possibilities down the line.

Aligns With Your Interests/Skills

Match the money making method to your natural strengths and interests where possible for the most engaging experience.

With these criteria in mind, let’s explore some of the best online income streams to pursue as an inexperienced beginner in 2022.

Freelancing Online

One of the fastest and most flexible ways to start earning immediately is by freelancing your skills online. Hundreds of freelancing platforms connect skilled workers with clients looking to outsource projects.

With no application or experience required, beginners can easily create a profile highlighting their natural talents, whether basic administrative skills or niche expertise. You get to set your own rates and availability as well.

Let’s explore some top freelancing platforms for beginners to find paid work opportunities:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing websites, with buyers requesting projects starting at just $5. As one of the easiest portals for inexperienced beginners, Fiverr allows you to offer simple services (like data entry, research, surveys, reviews, design, editing, administrative tasks, social media management, etc.) right away.

2. Upwork

Upwork offers high-paying freelance opportunities across thousands of skill categories, making it possible to provide specialized services. You can build robust profiles highlighting your capabilities, enabling you to win jobs after passing basic skills assessments.

3. Freelancer

This globally popular site attracts employers posting a wide range of freelance jobs from writing, data entry, design, programming, and more. Browse projects, submit bids, build your reputation over time.

4. FlexJobs

Unlike the open freelance marketplaces above, FlexJobs requires a small monthly investment and selectively screens legitimate telecommuting jobs with reputable companies. Especially ideal for beginners seeking safer, higher quality remote gigs.

5. College Recruiter

Specifically designed for college students, recent graduates and entry-level job seekers, College Recruiter offers virtual internships and freelance opportunities in areas like marketing, recruiting, writing, social media, research and more.


  • Extremely easy entry point for beginners with basic skills
  • Flexible hours and location
  • Ability to gain experience and expand services over time
  • Top platforms have massive marketplaces with endless job opportunities


  • Can be very competitive, irregular income for some beginners
  • Necessary to actively bid on jobs and market services
  • Online reputation and high-quality work essential for earning

By tapping into the massive global demand for skilled freelance services, even total beginners can start earning decent income through popular freelancing platforms within just weeks of signing up. This makes freelancing one of the best and fastest ways to start making money online with limited experience.

Selling Products Online

Another way for inexperienced beginners to earn online is by selling products through established ecommerce platforms or your own website. You can easily enter the world of ecommerce by leveraging existing site traffic and handling logistics for you.

Top 6 Forex EA & Indicator

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Here are some recommended options for beginners to start selling online through ready marketplaces:

1. eBay

As a longtime leader in online auctions and independent sellers, eBay continues to attract millions of buyers daily. Listing products is free, and eBay only takes a small commission off sales. Leverage the massive customer base to sell items you no longer need or thrift store finds.

2. Etsy

Known for handmade, vintage and craft items, Etsy attracts tens of millions of buyers each month. If you have creative products like artwork, jewelry, home décor, craft supplies, etc., Etsy makes it easy to set up a shop and sell directly to buyers without complex logistics.

3. Amazon Marketplace

Amazon’s massive global audience and fulfillment services make their Marketplace attractive to beginners. You can sell products directly to Amazon customers without even having to handle order logistics. Look for wholesale products or make your own to sell through this established channel.

4. Shopify

For beginners looking for more customization and control, Shopify makes it very easy to set up a personalized online storefront quickly. You handle fulfillment but have unlimited design freedom and room for growth over time into a full-fledged business.


  • Established sites bring massive customer traffic making it easy to reach buyers
  • No need to build an audience from scratch initially
  • Existing platform handles storefront setup, payments, order logistics, etc.
  • Allows you to tap into booming ecommerce sales growth


  • Commission fees on sales can cut into profits, unlike selling through your own site
  • More competition on established third-party marketplaces
  • Need to identify appealing, profitable products and negotiate deals with suppliers
  • Order fulfillment and logistics can be challenging for new sellers

Selling online through Amazon, eBay and other established marketplaces allows even complete beginners to tap into the power of ecommerce to start making money without complex business setup. As your confidence grows, you can expand into creating your own independent online store as well.

Becoming an Influencer or Content Creator

Social media and the internet have opened up the ability for regular people to build audiences around their personalities, knowledge and skills. By creating content in your niche, you have the potential to become an influencer and earn income directly from your following.

While becoming a full-time influencer or online creator takes significant time and effort, here are some viable options for beginners to start monetizing content:

1. YouTube Channel

YouTube makes it possible for anyone to start earning ad revenue from their videos. Simply create a channel, post engaging content regularly, get some views and subscribers, then enable monetization once eligible. The more views your videos get, the more you earn.

2. Instagram Sponsorships

Post interesting photos and captions on a public Instagram account regularly, and slowly grow your followers. Once you have at least several thousand engaged followers, you become eligible to earn money promoting brands and products through sponsored posts and stories.

3. TikTok Creator Fund

On TikTok, general users can apply for the Creator Fund allowing you to earn income from your entertaining short videos. Payout is based on number of quality views. Not huge money for beginners, but possible to monetize small following.

4. Blogging Income Streams

Sign up for a free blog and start writing posts about your interests and expertise. Place ads, affiliate links, sell products or services, promote sponsored posts, etc. to earn as your blog traffic grows over time.

5. Vlogging Income Streams

Record a video blog sharing your thoughts on topics you enjoy, and upload to platforms like YouTube. Enable monetization options on your vlog once eligible. Vlogging allows you to earn directly from viewership like YouTube.


  • Lets you earn doing something enjoyable like sharing your passion and expertise
  • Low barrier to entry and large potential audience for untapped niches
  • Multiple income stream options from ads, affiliates, sponsors, etc.
  • Chance to grow a personal brand and community around your content


  • Very unlikely to gain a meaningful following and income quickly as a beginner
  • Takes significant time investment to create high-quality content worth watching
  • Inconsistent income streams which rely heavily on continually attracting audience
  • Requires creativity and strong on-screen presence for best success

For the right creative personality willing to put in long-term effort building an audience in engaging topics, becoming an influencer across social platforms can be a viable path to earning online income. But unlikely to be lucrative quickly for most beginners.

Website or Blog Monetization

Similar to influencer marketing, building your own website or blog enables you to earn income directly from your audience over time. This requires some upfront effort, but once established, a website can become a 24/7 passive income stream.

Here are some proven strategies beginners can use to monetize a website or blog:

Display Advertising

Sign up for Google AdSense or another ad network to place text/image ads on your site. These earn money every time a visitor clicks. The more traffic you have, the higher the potential earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote relevant products from other companies (like Amazon) through affiliate links on your site. You earn commission for each resulting sale made. Choose affiliates carefully to maximize relevance for your audience.

Sponsored Posts and Brand Partnerships

Once you build an engaged following, offer promotional posts and custom content to brands seeking to access your audience. Negotiate sponsored post packages for one-time payments or recurring deals.

Dedicated Services or Products

Offer specialized services, online courses, digital products or merchandise that your niche audience will pay for. Even a small but hyper-targeted audience can translate to sales.


  • Passive income potential from content that keeps generating earnings
  • Multiple income stream options to leverage website traffic
  • Full control and customization over your online property
  • Chance to develop a recognizable brand and community


  • Significant upfront investment of time and effort required before earnings start
  • Difficult to attract visitors and build an audience quickly from scratch
  • Irregular income vulnerable to Google updates and audience attrition
  • Website maintenance and content creation is demanding

Building an income generating website or blog can be a smart way to create assets that earn for the long-term, but unlikely to drive quick income for most beginners without existing audience and content.

Online Surveys

For those looking to make some extra cash online without specialized skills or building a following, online survey taking offers a quick and flexible option. Brands and market research firms across every industry pay online survey takers to provide opinions and feedback.

While income potential is limited, here are some reputable sites for beginners to check for online paid surveys:

1. Swagbucks

Extremely popular survey and rewards site with a large member base and variety of earning options. Cash out earnings through gift cards or PayPal. Reliably pays quickly.

2. Survey Junkie

Straightforward survey-taking site that pays cash via Paypal for each survey completed, typically between $0.50 – $5 each. Quick payouts.

3. Vindale Research

Well-known survey community with reliable payouts even for disqualifications after a few minutes. Browse available surveys and redeem earnings through PayPal or check.

4. Pinecone Research

Invitation-only platform with higher paying surveys ($3-$5 each) and cash payouts. However, limited survey opportunities. Build up reputation to potentially earn more over time.

5. Prolific

Interesting academic survey platform with smaller surveys (+$1 each) but regular availability. Must match qualifying criteria for each study making it inconsistent.


  • Extremely easy extra income stream for beginners with no minimum skills
  • Low time commitment with most surveys taking under 30 minutes
  • Can conveniently take surveys during small pockets of downtime
  • Most platforms pay reliably through various cash out reward methods


  • Very inconsistent survey availability depending on demographics
  • Income potential typically small – averaging $5-20/hour
  • Often need to take dozens of surveys to earn a sizable amount
  • Many disqualifications mid-survey leading to lost time

Online surveys won’t make anyone rich, but can offer an easy way for beginners to earn a modest side income in flexible spare time. Sign up for multiple legit paid survey platforms to increase options.

Microtasks and Crowdwork Platforms

Another simple way for beginners to earn online is through microtask websites that pay for completing a variety of quick, small jobs and assignments. These platforms connect you with requesters willing to pay for tasks like data entry, categorization, transcription, research, surveys, content moderation etc.

Below are some of the best microtask sites to earn extra money:

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Also known as MTurk, this is one of the first and most well-known microtask websites. Create a worker account and get paid for thousands of HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) requiring human skills like data processing, categorization, transcription, surveys and more.

2. Clickworker

Earn money completing various microtasks like writing, translating, data entry, categorization, research and more. Reputable site with reasonable pay rates.

3. Appen

Large platform with opportunities like AI training data annotation, speech collection, search engine evaluation, data categorization. Must apply and qualify for projects.

4. Fiverr Gigs

In addition to freelance services, Fiverr also offers a microtask section. Earn for completing simple one-off tasks listed by buyers, like research, video editing, surveys, data entry, etc.

5. Zapier

Invoke various Zaps or automations between apps as microtasks. Very flexible earning since you control how much effort to put in. Can churn out easy Zaps almost endlessly once set up.


  • Very low barrier to entry and instant payouts
  • Huge variety of tasks to choose from
  • Ability to work for just minutes at a time on demand
  • Earnings add up over time with volume of completed microtasks


  • Tasks can be dull, repetitive and mundane
  • Very inconsistent work availability
  • Extremely low pay per hour, averaging below minimum wage
  • Rejection issues on some platforms wasting time and effort

Microtask sites should only be viewed as quick extra income in free time, not a primary income solution. But with the right effort, beginners can easily earn extra cash from numerous easy online tasks.

Reselling and Flipping Items

For more business-minded beginners, reselling and flipping items for profit can be a great way to leverage the internet to make money online. This involves strategically buying items – either new wholesale or second-hand – and then marketing to resell them for higher prices.

Here are some lucrative reselling ideas for beginners to try:

1. Source clearance or liquidated items from retailers and discount stores to resell on eBay, FB Marketplace for higher.

2. Find valuable antiques, collectibles or vintage items at estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales, and flip on eBay or specialty forums.

3. Buy replica products from Chinese marketplaces like AliExpress at wholesale prices for pennies, and sell branded versions on Amazon or Shopify.

4. Participate in limited-time retail arbitrage – take advantage of pricing glitches, discounts or closeouts and quickly relist items.

5. Accumulate in-demand products when prices are low, and resell for higher when supply is scarce.


  • Ability to profit from strategic buying and selling rather than traditional labor
  • Potential to earn huge margins on the right flip deals
  • Low startup costs to source initial wholesale or liquidated inventory
  • Use platforms like eBay and Amazon to quickly access millions of buyers


  • Sourcing profitable items takes product research and planning
  • Listing and shipping items can be time consuming in large volumes
  • Requires ample storage space and handling logistics
  • Must strategically buy items low enough to profit from sales
  • Risk of getting stuck with unsold inventory

With the right product sourcing acumen, reselling skills and use of digital platforms, beginners can start earning solid income finding undervalued items and reselling them for what buyers are willing to pay. But finding those profitable flip opportunities takes practice.

Renting Out Space or Items

The sharing economy sparked by companies like Airbnb and Uber offer innovative ways for regular individuals to earn income by renting out their own space, property or items. Offering lodging, parking spaces, storage, equipment, tools, clothing, almost anything imaginable, directly to marketplace users has become a lucrative income stream for many with assets to rent out.

Beginner-friendly platforms for renting out space or items include:

1. Airbnb – Earn income renting spare rooms, apartments, empty homes to travelers seeking accommodations.

2. Outdoorsy – Rent out RVs, campervans, trailers parked at your home that you don’t use regularly.

3. Neighbor – Allows renting everyday household items to neighbors like lawn equipment, cameras, clothing, etc.

4. Stashbee – Earn income renting out unused parking spots, garages and storage space.

5. Turo – Makes it easy to rent out your car when not in use by trusted platform users.


  • Earn completely passive
  • Earn completely passive income from existing assets not being utilized
  • Very easy to list extra space, property or items through established sites
  • Provides potential for high earnings depending on asset value and platform fees
  • Little effort beyond initial listing and occasional payout withdrawals
  • Great way to profit from unused assets just sitting around your home


  • Need to own high-value assets to earn sizable rental income
  • Risk of damage by renters must be weighed against earnings
  • Key responsibility to deliver on promised rental services
  • Need to properly clean and maintain assets between rentals
  • Requires coordination for handing off items or providing access

Renting out unused or spare space, property and items can be an almost effortless way for beginners to monetize existing assets through the power of digital peer-to-peer marketplaces. Just use caution and vet renters thoroughly.

Investing Your Money

While not a conventional online money making method, investing allows your money to work for you by generating returns above inflation over time. With the rise of free digital investing platforms, beginners can start investing with minimal experience and capital.

Here are some of the best investing options for beginners to earn returns on savings:

1. Robo-advisors

Automated investing platforms like Betterment and Wealthfront make easy for beginners to invest in professionally managed portfolios. Convenience of passive hands-off investing with solid average returns.

2. Index funds and ETFs

Open a brokerage account with Vanguard, Fidelity, etc. Invest savings across diverse index funds and ETFs tracking major markets to earn average returns over time.

3. Retirement accounts

Open an IRA or max out 401k contributions to your employer plan. Retirement accounts provide major tax savings which supercharges investment returns.

4. Peer-to-peer lending

Earn interest by lending money directly to borrowers through P2P sites like Lending Club. Provides fixed regular returns as loans are repaid.

5. High yield savings

Keep savings in an FDIC-insured high yield savings account at banks like CIT Bank paying over 2% interest with no risk or volatility.


  • Earn returns above inflation without active effort beyond initial investment
  • Multiple low-risk options for conservatively earning on savings
  • Can start investing with minimal amounts through fractional shares
  • Potential to build significant wealth long-term through compound growth


  • Requires having excess savings to invest in the first place
  • Modest returns from safer options, higher risk for larger gains
  • Necessary to let investments play out over years, not quick income
  • Investing has a learning curve as a beginner
  • Income not guaranteed and principal can be lost

Investing carries more risk than the other options, but also higher potential upside. By educating yourself and starting early with small amounts, it can greatly grow your money over decades.

FAQs About Making Money Online for Beginners

What are the easiest ways to make money online for beginners?

Some of the easiest online income stream for total beginners include paid surveys, online microtasks, participating in market research studies, website testing and selling photos online. These allow you to start earning with minimal time and effort.

How can I make money online with no experience?

Freelancing basic skills like data entry, virtual assistance, consultation and creative projects is one of the best ways to leverage online platforms to earn with no special experience. List services related to your natural strengths get started.

Is it possible to make a living earning online?

While it takes significant effort, it is entirely possible for regular people to replace a full-time job with online income streams. This typically involves building your own audience and brand through a website, YouTube channel, social media or selling digital products.

How much money can I make online starting from nothing?

When starting with no audience or assets, earnings will likely only amount to beer money initially through options like surveys and microtasks. But with consistent effort put into building a brand and monetizing your skills, you can scale income over $1,000+ per month and beyond.

What skills do I need to make money online?

You can earn online even with no advanced skills, just basic abilities like data entry, administration, customer service, listening and content creation. Higher incomes tend to come from more specialized skills like programming, marketing, writing and design.

How much does it cost to start making money online?

The great benefit of digital income streams is most options require little to no upfront investment. You likely already have the computer and internet access required. Startup costs for selling physical products, promoting paid ads or building a website will run just a few hundred dollars in most cases.


The online world offers an untapped world of money making potential for regular individuals like you. Thanks to the digital revolution, anyone can start earning income online with just internet access and a computer.

As this guide outlined, you have dozens of realistic options to start profiting online even as a complete beginner with no experience. While many routes take consistency and effort to build into steady income streams, the few hundred to several thousand dollars per month earned can make a major life impact.

By picking beginner-friendly options aligned with your natural interests and abilities, you can start earning your first dollars online – turning spare time into extra income – faster than ever. With so many people now making a living online, you can carve out your own path.

Just be strategic about choosing money making options ideal for total beginners, implement tips to maximize your probability of earnings, and stick with the opportunities through the learning phase. Before you know it, you’ll be generating real income which can grow into a lucrative online business with the right dedication over time.

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to making money online in 2022, even starting from scratch. Find your passion project or winning income stream this year. With the right drive, you could be well on your way to earning a meaningful online income sooner than you think!

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George James

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