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Money Making Mommy: How One Mom Earns $10K Per Month Blogging from Home

Becoming a stay-at-home parent can be immensely rewarding. But it also comes with financial challenges, as you transition from two incomes to one. Many moms are turning to blogging as a way to earn income while staying home with kids. And some, like Jen Smith, are earning up to $10,000 per month blogging!

Jen’s story offers inspiration and actionable tips for moms hoping to earn a meaningful income through blogging. In this comprehensive guide, learn how she got started, grew her blog, and now earns over $100K per year – all while balancing life with three young kids at home.

How It All Began: Jen’s Lightbulb Moment

After leaving her teaching career to start a family, Jen soon realized she missed having a creative outlet and income of her own. When her third baby was six months old, she had what she calls her “lightbulb blogging moment.”

“I realized I could combine my love of writing with my need to earn income on my own terms,” says Jen. “Blogging allowed me to pick my hours and workload while making money from home. Once I started, I was hooked!”

Getting Started with Her Blog

Jen started small, simply writing about her own experiences as a new mom. “I wrote posts about my favorite baby gear, managing mom guilt, and adjusting to life with three kids six and under,” she explains.

Her initial posts were on free blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger. She shared her posts with friends and family. To her surprise, her open and honest writing resonated with fellow moms.

“I found other moms could relate to my stories,” says Jen. “Their feedback and questions inspired me to write more.”

Growing Her Audience and Income

Within a few months, Jen’s following grew through word-of-mouth. She decided to invest $12 in a custom URL and basic website template. This made her blog look more professional while allowing her to earn ad income.

“At first I only made a few dollars per month,” explains Jen. “But it was exciting to earn anything from my writing!”

Discovering Her Niche and Passion

Jen experimented with different blog topics to engage her growing audience. It became clear that posts about making money from home resonated most.

“I was learning affiliate marketing and virtual assisting skills to boost my own income,” says Jen. “I realized other moms were eager for guidance too.”

She expanded her content focus to making money online as a stay-at-home mom. Her traffic and income increased exponentially once she found this niche.

“I went all in on money-making topics – especially ways to earn from home while parenting,” Jen explains. “That focus became my blog’s niche.”

Building Traffic Through SEO and Social Media

With her niche established, Jen utilized SEO and social media to continue growing her blog’s reach.

“I researched keywords and optimized my posts,” she says. “I also started guest posting on other blogs. This helped drive new visitors.”

Jen expanded her social media presence by creating accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. She networked with fellow bloggers and brands to increase shares and engagement.

She also leveraged sites like Reddit, Quora, and forums to connect with her target audience. Traffic from organic search and referrals soared.

Transitioning from Ad Income to Affiliate Marketing

After about a year of blogging consistently, Jen was earning a few hundred dollars monthly from display ads. But she knew diversifying her income streams could take her earnings to the next level.

“I learned affiliate marketing through online courses,” Jen explains. “Adding affiliate links allowed me to earn commissions promoting helpful products and services.”

Now her posts contain carefully researched affiliate links related to the content. When readers purchase through these links, Jen earns a percentage of each sale.

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“Affiliate income quickly surpassed my ad earnings,” says Jen. “It was a game changer for monetizing my niche site.”

Launching Her Own digital Products and Services

After two years of blogging, Jen was earning over $5k monthly through ads and affiliates. But she saw even greater potential by creating her own products and services.

“I knew from my research that digital products offer excellent passive income potential,” she explains. “So I launched online courses, ebooks, Facebook groups, and virtual assistant services.”

These digital offerings allowed Jen to earn from her expertise while better serving her engaged audience. She promotes them organically on her blog and social platforms.

“My products and services generate multiple streams of income beyond just ads and affiliates,” says Jen. “They’ve been pivotal for hitting the $10k per month mark.”

Life and Work Today: Balancing Blogging with Family

Fast forward several years, and Jen’s “Money Making Mommy” blog now earns over $120k annually! She works around 20 hours per week while her kids are at school. Here’s what her life and schedule look like today:

Mornings: Focus Time

Jen wakes up before her kids to exercise and have some quiet time. Then she gets the kids ready for school before sitting down to work.

“Mornings are my most focused time for writing new blog content,” explains Jen. “I pick one task and power through without distractions.”

She admits mornings can feel rushed balancing work with school drop-offs. But she protects this key time for content creation.

Afternoons: Meetings and Social Media

While kids are at school, Jen schedules meetings, communications, and social media for 2-3 hours most afternoons.

“I try to get outside for a walk when possible,” she says. “Connecting with nature helps me recharge when I start feeling burnt out.”

She also prioritizes preparing a homemade dinner so evenings can be spent with family.

Evenings: Family Time

After dinner, Jen devotes evenings to family time – playing with the kids, managing home tasks, and connecting with her husband.

“Shutting down work completely in the evenings ensures I stay present with my family,” she explains. “Setting these boundaries is so important.”

Jen often brainstorms new article ideas while going through her nightly routine. This allows her subconscious to process creative ideas for the next day.

Weekends: Content Batches and Rest

Jen likes to batch some content creation on Fridays when the kids are at school. This gives her more weekend flexibility.

“I might write 2-3 blog posts on Fridays to have content ready in advance,” she says.

Weekends are focused on family time. She enjoys sleeping in, making pancakes, visiting parks, and attending kids’ activities.

“Unplugging on weekends helps me start each week feeling recharged and excited about my projects,” explains Jen.

Smart Strategies for Balancing Blogging with Motherhood

Jen believes her success comes not just from hard work – but from using smart strategies to balance blogging with parenting. Here are her top tips:

Outsource Tasks You Don’t Enjoy

Consider outsourcing tasks like graphics, editing, web design, and scheduling social media. This stretches your time for priorities only you can handle.

“Outsourcing gives me back at least five hours per week,” explains Jen. “My sanity is worth the costs!”

Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

Be firm about separating family time from work time, especially in the evenings and on weekends. Communicate boundaries with family members too.

“My husband knows not to disturb me during work times,” says Jen. “The kids know they have my full attention after dinner.”

Wake Up Before the Kids

Waking up just 30-60 minutes earlier than the kids can be a gamechanger. Use this quiet time to get work done and energize before the chaos of school mornings.

“My mornings are vital for content creation without constant kid interruptions!” laughs Jen.

Nap When the Kids Nap

This one can be tough depending on your kids’ schedules. But if you have a child who still naps, consider napping too, or at least resting. The break can boost your productivity and mood.

“Occasional afternoon power naps keep me going on tougher days,” Jen says.

Let Go of Perfection

Don’t get bogged down perfecting every little detail. Set a timeline for each task and move on when time is up. Consistent content is more valuable than sporadic perfection.

“I’ve learned what level of quality works for my audience,” explains Jen. “It’s not worth obsessing over minor details.”

Make Time for Self-Care

Carve out time each week for self-care like exercise, healthy food, socializing, relaxing hobbies, and just having fun. This prevents burnout and keeps your mind refreshed.

“Happy mama means happy kids and better work,” laughs Jen. “I have to fill my own cup first.”

Top Blogging Tips for Moms

If you’re a stay-at-home mom hoping to earn income through blogging like Jen, here are some top tips to set yourself up for success:

Find Your Niche

Determine your blog’s niche based on your unique experiences, knowledge, and passions. A tight niche helps attract your target readers.

Post Consistently

Aim for two to three posts per week, ideally on a regular schedule. This shows readers you’re invested in creating consistent, quality content.

Interact and Engage

Don’t just publish posts and abandon them. Respond to all comments, emails, and social media interactions. Engage with your audience to build loyalty.

Promote Your Content

Utilize social media, email lists, guest posts, forums, and more to actively promote your newest content. Make sharing and engagement easy.

Monitor Analytics

Use free tools like Google Analytics to monitor your traffic sources, engagement, conversions, and more. Let data guide your growth strategies.

Optimize for SEO

Research target keywords using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. Optimize your content for SEO including meta titles and descriptions.

Diversify Your Income Streams

Don’t rely only on ads. Diversify with affiliates, products, services, sponsors, and more. Multiple income streams protect you from fluctuations.

Outsource What You Can

Outsource technical work, graphics, administrative tasks, and more. Outsourcing saves you time for high-level priorities only you can handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many moms considering blogging have understandably have questions about the realities of earning money online. Here are Jen’s responses to some frequently asked questions:

Is it actually possible to earn good money blogging as a mom?

Yes, absolutely! But you have to treat blogging as a real business and be willing to put in consistent effort over time. It took me about a year of steady blogging to earn my first $1000 month. Within 2 years I was making $5000 monthly. Anything is possible if you stick with it!

What if I don’t consider myself a writer?

You don’t have to be a talented writer or amazing photographer to have a successful blog! Write conversationally about your real experiences and share photos from your phone. Authenticity is more important than perfection. Your confidence will grow over time.

How much time does blogging take each week?

It varies, but most successful bloggers put in 15-25 hours per week. This might be 5 hours/day while kids are at school. It’s flexible work you can do during pockets of time. The key is consistency over a long period. Burnout is real, so take breaks when needed!

What are the main ways moms actually make money blogging?

Common income streams are display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling your own digital products/services, and accepting paid speaking gigs or partnerships. Diversify your monetization strategies for the best financial results. Six figures is possible!

How much does it cost to get started?

You can start a basic blog for just $10-15 per month. Bluehost and SiteGround are affordable hosting providers. Buy a domain name for $12-15. Use a free template on WordPress. As you grow, invest more in your blog’s design and features.

Can I blog anonymously or do I need to use my name?

You can blog anonymously at first or use a pen name. But building a personal brand helps attract a loyal audience. I recommend sharing your name/photo eventually for trust and engagement. Protect your family’s privacy by not sharing kids’ names online.

How do you recommend balancing blogging with family life?

Set boundaries for yourself and communicate them clearly to others. Outsource tasks when possible. Wake up early to get work done before kids are up. Take advantage of naptimes. Most importantly, completely unplug from work to be fully present during family time. Your health and relationships must be priorities.


Blogging offers moms a flexible and rewarding opportunity to earn meaningful income while parenting. As Jen’s story shows, hitting a $10k per month income is achievable within a few short years.

Success requires choosing a niche you’re passionate about, consistently creating high-quality content, actively engaging with your audience, and diversifying your income streams.

Balancing blogging with parenting demands structure and boundaries. But the financial and creative fulfillment of blogging makes the effort worthwhile for many moms.

What tips, tricks, or lessons from Jen’s journey resonate most with you? Share your thoughts and questions below!

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