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Sell Your Stuff Instantly for Top Dollar Using These Clever Apps

Looking to declutter and make some extra cash? With the rise of the sharing economy, it’s easier than ever to sell your used stuff quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top apps and online marketplaces that can help you sell your items fast and maximize your profits.

Introduction – The Easiest Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online

Selling unwanted possessions used to mean holding old-fashioned garage sales or placing classified ads in the local paper. But now a new breed of apps and online marketplaces have emerged, using technology to connect sellers seamlessly with buyers. The key benefits of using these apps include:

  • Convenience – List and manage items for sale right from your smartphone, without leaving home. Apps make selling super quick and easy.
  • Wide exposure – Apps connect you to a huge base of active buyers. More eyeballs on your listings means more chances for a fast sale.
  • Get top dollar – Apps allow you to research and set competitive prices. You keep more of the profit when there’s no middleman.
  • Safety – Apps offer secure payments and vetted buyers. You avoid worries about getting scammed.
  • Minimal effort – List in minutes with a few photos and clicks. Apps handle promotion and buyer communications for you.

Selling through the right apps, you can declutter effortlessly and efficiently turn unwanted possessions into cash. Let’s explore some of the top options for selling your stuff online.

Sell Clothing and Fashion Items

Clothing and fashion accessories like handbags, jewelry, watches and shoes tend to lose value quickly. But they can still fetch reasonable prices if you use the right apps. Here are some top choices:


One of the most popular apps for selling used clothing and accessories is Poshmark. This highly rated app makes selling incredibly easy. Just snap a few photos of your items, add a description, and set your price. Poshmark handles promotion, buyer communication, payments and shipping for you.

Key Features:

  • Huge audience of over 80 million buyers searching for the best deals on clothing, shoes and accessories. Massive exposure for your listings.
  • Flat $7.67 shipping fee per order. You print the prepaid label at home – no trips to the post office.
  • Keep 80% of your sale price up to $15. Anything above $15, you earn a tiered commission up to 75%. Very favorable seller fees.
  • Options to promote and “bump” your listings higher in search results for more visibility, all within the app.
  • Robust seller tools and analytics to understand buyer behavior and maximize sales.
  • Secure payments processed directly by Poshmark. No handling of buyer funds needed.

With its huge buyer base and seller-friendly policies, Poshmark makes it incredibly easy to clean out your closet and earn cash quickly.


thredUP is another very popular online consignment store for secondhand clothing. It works a bit differently from Poshmark. To sell on thredUP, you fill a “clean out bag” with your used items and ship it to them free. thredUP will inspect and process your items, listing them on their site. When something sells, you earn cash.

Key Advantages of thredUP:

  • Convenient clean out kit sent to your door to pack up your used clothing. No photos or listings required.
  • thredUP handles all the work of inspecting, pricing, promoting and selling your items. Super simple for the seller.
  • Items that don’t sell are donated or recycled, so nothing goes to waste.
  • Payouts via PayPal or shopping credit. Get paid quickly when your items sell.
  • Massive exposure with over 40 million buyers visiting their site monthly.

The drawback is that commission rates are lower compared to peer-to-peer platforms. But if you want a fully hands-off approach, thredUP does all the work selling your clothing for you.


Vinted is an online marketplace focused on used clothing from brands like Zara, Forever21, H&M, and more. It connects you directly with buyers for peer-to-peer selling.

Key Features:

  • Strong presence in Europe but growing US user base. Exposure to over 45 million members.
  • Listing used clothing is quick and easy via mobile app. Provide photos, description and set your price.
  • Minimal seller fees – just charge a small shipping fee. Keep the majority of your earnings.
  • Hassle-free payments processed securely by Vinted, protecting buyer and seller.
  • Fun bargaining feature allows buyers to negotiate prices. Great way to close sales.

For affordable fast fashion brands, Vinted provides lots of seller protections with the flexibility of a peer-to-peer platform.

Tips for Maximizing Clothing Sales

To earn top dollar for used clothing and accessories on sites like Poshmark, thredUP and Vinted:

  • Photograph items on a clean, solid background in good lighting. Capture any flaws.
  • Research comparable items to set an attractive yet competitive price.
  • Describe condition, size, measurements and fabric content in detail.
  • Fold items neatly and package well to prevent damage in shipping.
  • Share and refresh listings regularly so your items stay visible as new inventory is added.
  • Offer promotions like discounts or bundling similar items to incentivize buyers.
  • Provide fast shipping and responsive, friendly communications to build your reputation.

Following these best practices will help your clothing fly off the virtual shelves in no time!

Sell Books Online

From paperbacks to hardcovers, textbooks to rare editions, there are plenty of book lovers ready to buy up used books. Here are top options for selling books you’ve already read and ready to pass on to new owners.

Amazon Trade-In

If you have a stack of fiction, nonfiction or textbooks collecting dust, Amazon makes it incredibly easy to trade them in for cash quickly. Here’s how their trade-in program works:

Benefits of Amazon Trade-In:

  • Search through your book inventory and select titles to trade in. Amazon provides instant valuation for each based on demand.
  • Print free shipping label. No need to weigh, measure or pay for postage.
  • Box up books, drop off at UPS and you’re done! Amazon handles the rest.
  • Receive payment as an Amazon gift card or direct deposit.
  • Trade-ins are open to everyone – no fees or membership required. Very user friendly.

Amazon Trade-In won’t produce big profits, but it’s the lowest effort way to declutter books and earn some cash in return.


eBay remains a go-to marketplace for selling used books directly to buyers. With over 183 million active users, your book listings will get tons of visibility.

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Tips for Selling Books on eBay

  • Research prices using completed listings and price competitively. Factors like condition, edition and signatures impact value.
  • Write detailed descriptions noting any highlights, folded pages, etc. Capture condition accurately in photos.
  • Calculate fixed price or starting bid based on market value. Consider auction-style listing for rare/collectible books.
  • Offer fast, inexpensive shipping like Media Mail. Pack books securely to prevent damage.
  • Build seller rating by providing quick handling, delivery and excellent communications.

It takes more effort than trade-in programs, but you keep more profit selling books directly on eBay.


Decluttr buys your old books, CDs, DVDs, video games and tech items for resale. They make the entire process super easy:

  • Enter ISBNs or barcode numbers to get an instant price quote. Receive free shipping label if you accept the offer.
  • Mail your items to Decluttr free of charge. Your products get resold online.
  • Receive payout via PayPal, direct deposit or gift card once items are processed.

Pros of Decluttr:

  • Quoting process takes minutes – find out exactly how much you’ll earn per item.
  • No listing or photos required. Just mail your stuff to sell.
  • Free shipping means no trips to the post office or paying for postage.
  • Fast payout in 10 days or less once your order is scanned.

Decluttr won’t produce big profits per book. But it’s an effortless option that makes unloading lots of books hassle-free.

Tips for Getting the Most for Used Books

To maximize the return when selling books online:

  • Check page quality – marking, highlighting, creases etc – and disclose any defects.
  • Note details like edition, cover condition, signatures/inscriptions which can raise value.
  • Price high value textbooks under 2 years old competitively – demand drops off quickly.
  • Set reasonable prices for fiction hardcovers under $10 and paperbacks under $6 which sell best.
  • Pack books tightly and securely to avoid damage. Use recycled packaging if possible.
  • Sell sets/series together as bundles to increase appeal.

Follow these tips and you can confidently declutter shelves while making some spare cash too.

Sell Furniture and Home Decor

Used furniture and home decor remain hot commodities online. People love finding unique vintage and antique pieces, or discounted barely used furniture from retailers. Apps make selling large used items much more convenient.

Facebook Marketplace

One of the most popular options for selling furniture, home decor and other large items is Facebook Marketplace. This handy feature allows you to list items for sale right within Facebook.

Key Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

  • Exposure to over 1 billion active Facebook users. Huge potential customer base in your local area.
  • Listings are optimized for mobile use, the #1 way Marketplace is browsed. Creates convenient buying experience.
  • Listing an item takes minutes – just add photos, description, price and location pickup info.
  • Search algorithm favors items located closest to potential buyers for quick and easy pickup.
  • Secure payments processed directly through Facebook. No handling buyer funds.

Facebook Marketplace brings the yard sale online – with much wider reach and no haggling over prices.


OfferUp operates similarly to Facebook Marketplace, allowing local peer-to-peer sales of used items via a dedicated app.

Key Features of OfferUp

  • Browse listings nearby and communicate directly with sellers. Arrange local pickup for large items.
  • Well-vetted buyers and sellers. Profiles linked to Facebook for identity verification.
  • In-app messaging and location sharing. Easily arrange meetups to complete a transaction.
  • Ratings system to build seller reputation and trust within the community.
  • Secure in-app payments through OfferUp. Added protection for buyers and sellers.
  • List and sell anything locally – furniture, electronics, vehicles, antiques, and more. Very wide range.

For large used goods like furniture, OfferUp provides a local marketplace plus protections for buyer and seller alike.


Chairish is an online marketplace dedicated specifically to upscale antique and vintage furniture, decor and art. It connects buyers and sellers across the US.

What Makes Chairish Unique

  • Curated selection focuses on luxury, antique and designer decor items. Less rummaging through low-quality used goods.
  • Items shipped directly between seller and buyer nationwide. No need for local pickup.
  • Rigorous vetting process ensures authenticity of antique/vintage goods. Provides buyer confidence.
  • White glove delivery by recommended shippers specializing in large furniture. Damage protection.
  • Competitive bidding and Make Offer features help sellers get the best price.
  • Robust search tools help buyers find unique, one-of-a-kind antique and vintage decor pieces.

For premium used and antique furniture, Chairish provides specialized marketplace services tailored to higher-end goods.

Tips for Selling Furniture Profitably

To maximize the return when selling used furniture and decor items online:

  • Clean items thoroughly and make any needed repairs prior to photographing and listing.
  • Measure items carefully and provide detailed dimensions. Disclose any damage or flaws upfront.
  • Photograph from multiple angles in good lighting. Let buyers inspect condition closely.
  • With platforms like Facebook Marketplace, price items competitively for local pickup.
  • On sites like Chairish catering to antiques, do thorough research to price items accurately based on similar examples sold.
  • For specialty vintages pieces, consider listings sites focused on collectibles like Ruby Lane
  • Offer fast handling, responsive communications and smooth pickup/shipping experience.

Selling home furnishings online takes a little more work but opens your items to a huge buyer base, resulting in fast sales and great profits on decor you no longer need.

Sell Electronics and Tech Gear

Used electronics remain in steady demand, from mobile devices to laptops, tablets, gaming systems and TVs. These specialty online marketplaces make it easy to sell any electronics collecting dust.


gazelle specializes in buying a wide range of consumer electronics directly from sellers. The process is simple:

  • Enter your device info and gazelle provides an instant offer price.
  • Accept the offer and you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label.
  • Mail your device to gazelle free of charge. Once received, you get paid via check, Paypal or Amazon gift card.

Why Sell Electronics to gazelle

  • Super fast quoting and processing – know your device’s value in seconds.
  • Free shipping label means no hassle packaging or postage.
  • All data on devices is safely wiped and devices are eco-friendly recycled.
  • Payout issued as soon as device received with no hidden fees deducted.
  • Accepted items can be damaged, defective or broken. Still get paid something.

For quick and convenient recycling of phones, laptops, cameras, and more, gazelle makes earning cash simple.


Swappa, like gazelle, focuses specifically on buying and selling used consumer electronics. But rather than directly buying devices, Swappa facilitates peer-to-peer sales.

Benefits of Swappa

  • All listings include verified photos to clearly show device condition.
  • Sellers set prices based on actual market value of their device configuration and condition.
  • Listings provide extensive tech specs and condition details for transparency.
  • Secure payment processing and strict vetting ensures scam-free transactions.
  • Convenient shipping label generation, tracking and transfer of ownership.
  • Specialized marketplaces for mobile, laptops, watches, DSLR cameras, and much more.

For greater control over pricing and profit, Swappa connects you safely to tech-savvy buyers wanting your exact device.

electronics Trade-In Programs

Many electronics manufacturers and retailers offer trade-in programs for old devices too. You can trade in directly to Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy and more. Benefits include:

  • Instant valuation of your device based on model, storage, and condition. Quickly understand how much cash or credit you can earn.
  • Many provide free shipping or drops offs at local stores. Convenient shipping options.
  • Old electronics are recycled responsibly rather than tossed in the trash. Eco-friendly disposal.
  • Earn cash very quickly, usually paid out once your device is received and verified.
  • Amount paid is less than selling directly to another buyer. But the process is much simpler.

Trade-in programs offer a quick, low-effort way to sell used electronics in any condition while doing something good for the environment.

Maximize Profits Selling Tech Gear

To get the most cash selling electronics online:

  • Factory reset devices and remove accounts for data protection.
  • Note all defects thoroughly so condition is accurately captured. Disclose non-working devices.
  • Include all components like cases, chargers, connectors. Increase product value.
  • Compare offers across buying sites and marketplaces – pricing varies.
  • For highest returns, consider fixing screens, buttons etc and selling directly to another buyer via sites like Swappa.
  • Get the best offer by selling newer high-end models in good condition.

Follow these guidelines to maximize the cash return on consumer electronics gathering dust at home.

Apps for Selling Everything Else

Along with specialized marketplaces for clothing, books, furniture and electronics – you can sell pretty much any household items using these general online selling apps and sites.


As one of the largest online marketplaces globally, eBay remains a top choice for selling just about anything – from toys to tools, sporting goods to collectibles. Key benefits for sellers include:

  • Massive reach with over 146 million active buyers browsing eBay globally each year.
  • Advanced selling features like promoted listings to gain visibility in search results.
  • Set competitive auction-style pricing or use fixed prices – flexibility based on your items.
  • Robust seller protection through vetted buyers, payment processing, and item tracking.
  • Analysis tools provide insights into buyer search behavior to optimize your listings.

eBay still sets the standard for selling ordinary household items thanks to its enormous buyer base and seller protections.


Craigslist operates a simple classifieds platform where you can list used goods for free in your local area.

How to Have Success Selling on Craigslist

  • Price items competitively based on local area demand and condition.
  • Post listings for free under appropriatecategories with keyword-rich titles.
  • Describe items accurately and disclose any defects upfront.
  • Require phone/email contact initially vs sharing address to ensure serious buyers

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