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Swagbucks for Life: Earning Free Gift Cards with Online Rewards

Have you ever wished you could earn free rewards like gift cards and cash just for doing simple online activities? With Swagbucks, this dream becomes a reality. As one of the largest and most popular rewards sites, Swagbucks offers its members multiple ways to rack up points (called “SB”) to redeem for gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Target and Starbucks.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to maximize your earning potential with Swagbucks and score free rewards for life.

An Overview of Swagbucks and How It Works

Swagbucks is a web platform that allows you to earn SB points by completing simple tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, searching the web, shopping online, and more. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Signing Up: Creating a free Swagbucks account takes just a minute. Provide basic info like your email, birthday, etc.
  • Earning Points: Once signed up, you can browse the site for tons of point-earning opportunities. Most tasks award SB points that can be redeemed for gift cards.
  • Redeeming: When you’ve earned enough SBs, head to the Rewards Store and redeem your points for gift cards, PayPal cash, or other freebies. Most gift cards cost between 500-2,000 SB points.

Swagbucks offers one of the highest gift card redemption rates in the industry. With over $500 million in gift cards redeemed so far, they’re a proven leader.

Now let’s dive into maximizing your earning potential with Swagbucks!

Maximizing Your Earning Potential on Swagbucks

With a little time and effort, just about anyone can earn a steady stream of points on Swagbucks. Here are some tips and strategies for unlocking your earning potential:

Take Advantage of Your Daily To-Do List

One of the easiest ways to earn SB points daily is by completing the To-Do List on your Swagbucks dashboard. These are simple tasks like visiting the home page, taking a survey, or playing Swagbucks TV.

Completing your entire To-Do List can net you over 100 SB points per day! Be sure to check it daily and knock out all the quick activities.

Search the Web Through Swagbucks

Swagbucks allows you to earn points just for searching the web. Use the Swagbucks search engine whenever you need to search something online. You can earn up to 20 SB points per day just by searching.

Make sure to click through to the third-party sites you want to visit so your searches register properly. Over time, this activity really adds up!

Watch Swagbucks TV and Earn Passively

Swagbucks TV allows you to continuously stream music videos and other content to earn up to 150 SB points a day. Let it play passively in the background while doing other things to rack up points.

Take Advantage of Swagbucks Shop Features

The Swagbucks shopping portal gives you cash back when you shop from over 1,500 retailers like Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy and more. Activate cash back at your chosen store before shopping to earn SB.

You can also print out Swagbucks coupons before buying groceries and essentials to save even more money. Redeem your earned SB for gift cards to use on future shopping trips and maximize savings.

Complete Your Daily Poll Questions

Swagbucks pays you to complete timely poll questions. Visiting the Poll section daily and answering all questions can net you easy SB points.

Check for Swago Promos

Swago boards are special promotions that reward you for completing certain activities in a bingo style game. You can win bonus SB and even free gift cards. Look out for Swago promos and make sure to register so you don’t miss out on high bonus potential.

Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys is one of the most popular earning methods on Swagbucks. You can take surveys tailored to your demographics and interests to earn anywhere from 40-500 SB points per survey. Check the Gold Surveys and Peanut Labs sections for plenty of options.

Pro tip: Take care to answer surveys honestly or you risk getting disqualified and having your account banned.

Watch Videos and Earn

The Swagbucks Watch section features sponsored videos and video playlists you can play to earn SB points. Let these run passively in another browser tab to maximize earnings.

Play Games

If you enjoy casual online games, you can earn points playing games in the Play section. Games like Swagasaurus Run 2, Swag Memory, Solitaire Cube, and Wheel of Fortune let you earn SB while having fun.

Print Out Coupons

Visiting the Coupons section lets you print coupons and earn SB at the same time. You can save money on groceries and essentials while also earning rewards!

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Refer Friends

You can earn 300 SB points for each friend you refer who signs up and redeems their first gift card. Share your referral link to easily boost your earnings.

Redeem Your Points for Bonus Rewards

When cashing in your SB points, look for gift cards that offer bonuses. For example, redeeming for a $10 off Amazon gift card may only cost 900 SB instead of the usual 1,000 SB for a $10 card. Bonuses let you stretch your points further.

Install the Swagbutton for Added Earning Opportunities

The free Swagbutton browser extension opens up more earning opportunities on top of regular Swagbucks activities. You can earn bonus SB points for interacting with select sites. Make sure to install Swagbutton to maximize your daily potential.

Link Your Accounts for Extra Points

Connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, PayPal, eBay, and Amazon accounts to Swagbucks gives you more ways to earn. You can link accounts in your profile settings and then watch for associated earning opportunities.

Take Part in Special Promotions

Swagbucks regularly hosts special earning promotions surrounding holidays, pop culture events, and more. Keep an eye out for bonus opportunities like Spin & Win games, boosted earning rates, sweepstakes and more.

Earn Shopping Trips and vacations

Once you accumulate a sizable SB balance, you can start redeeming your rewards for shopping sprees and even hotels, cruises, and airline vouchers! Swagbucks gives you access to uniquely discounted travel deals you can claim using your hard-earned points.

Maximizing Swagbucks for Maximum Rewards

As you can see, Swagbucks offers endless ways to earn rewards points for the things you do online everyday. Here are some final tips to get the most out of Swagbucks and maximize your free gift cards and other rewards:

  • Take advantage of your daily To-Do List – This should form the core of your daily SB earning.
  • Install Swagbutton – Don’t miss out on bonus earning opportunities.
  • Watch videos and play games – These are easy passive earning options.
  • Take surveys seriously – Provide honest, thoughtful answers and avoid getting disqualified.
  • Refer friends – grow your rewards by sharing your referral link.
  • Redeem strategically – Look for gift card bonuses and discounted redemptions.
  • Link your accounts – Connect social media and shopping accounts for more earning chances.
  • Check for Swago boards – Participate and win free gift cards or large SB bonuses.
  • Watch for limited-time promotions – Bonus SB and sweepstakes give your earnings a nice boost.

Is Swagbucks Worth It?

With the ability to earn free popular gift cards, cash bonuses and other rewards, Swagbucks is one of the most worthwhile rewards programs out there. The many earning methods and bonuses make it easy to rack up points quickly with minimal effort.

If you spend time online anyway, why not earn rewards for it? Swagbucks incentivizes your normal internet activities like surfing, shopping, watching videos and more. You can earn steady rewards that add up in value over time.

Swagbucks is completely free to join and use. While payout rates for certain activities may fluctuate, the platform offers stable earning opportunities that reward you for being an engaged internet user. Compared to other rewards programs, Swagbucks offers a high value proposition.

The variety of redemption options gives you flexibility in using your rewards. With no membership fees or minimum payout requirements, Swagbucks is an accessible way to get free rewards in your spare time.

Tips to Avoid Common Swagbucks Mistakes

As a beginner to Swagbucks, it’s helpful to know what to avoid to make sure your account stays in good standing. Here are some common mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Taking surveys too quickly – Rushing through surveys to finish as fast as possible can get you disqualified and possibly banned. Take your time and answer thoughtfully.
  • Disqualifying yourself intentionally – Never lie in surveys just to finish them quicker for SB. You’ll risk account deactivation.
  • Giving fake or duplicate info – When signing up, provide accurate info to verify your identity and qualify for the right surveys.
  • Running into your daily caps – Don’t grind endlessly if you already hit your daily caps for activities. Pace yourself.
  • Forgetting to cash out – Make sure to cash in your SB points for rewards routinely before they expire after 12 months.
  • Not checking for bonus opportunities – Don’t miss time-sensitive promotions by forgetting to check Swagbucks regularly.
  • Not meeting order requirements – To earn SB for online orders, make sure you activate cash back beforehand.
  • Using ad blockers – Disable these before watching videos and ads to ensure you get credited properly.

By being an honest, thoughtful user and pacing yourself appropriately, you can avoid account issues and keep earning smoothly. Check the site regularly so you don’t miss high-value activities and bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maximizing Swagbucks Earnings

If you’re new to Swagbucks, chances are you have some questions about getting the most out of it. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much time do I need to commit to earn rewards?

  • With just 30-60 minutes of daily activity, you can earn 100 or more SB points. Earning enough for a $5 gift card can take around 2 weeks with consistent daily effort. The more time you put in, the faster you’ll earn rewards.

What happens if I get disqualified from surveys?

  • It’s normal to occasionally get disqualified, especially if the survey quota filled. Just move on and try another one. Getting disqualified repeatedly or rushing through surveys can risk a ban though.

Is it better to immediately redeem SB or save up?

  • Most users find it gratifying to save up SBs for bigger rewards every few months or so. But if you want the instant gratification of a gift card now, go for it! There’s no wrong way to redeem your earnings.

How do I ensure my shopping orders earn “SB cash back” properly?

  • Just remember to visit Swagbucks first and click your chosen merchant link before placing your online order as usual. This associates your purchase with Swagbucks.

Can I earn SB from my phone?

  • Absolutely! Swagbucks has free mobile apps for Android and iOS that offer mobile-friendly earning activities and tracking. You can easily do your Swagbucks routines on the go.

Is it safe to link my other accounts to Swagbucks?

  • Yes, Swagbucks uses industry-standard encryption to keep your info secure. Linking accounts like Facebook and Amazon simply allows new earning opportunities. Your data remains protected.

Maximizing your Swagbucks earnings takes some consistency and routine, but the time invested pays off in free rewards! Optimizing your daily activities, taking advantage of bonuses, and referring friends will net you a steady stream of gift cards.


Swagbucks provides an incredibly valuable service by rewarding users for common internet activities they already perform. With the right techniques, you can easily earn free popular gift cards on a regular basis.

Creating an account and implementing point-earning strategies costs nothing but your time. Yet the payoff is tangible rewards you can use for online shopping, restaurants, travel and more.

For a rewarding way to get free gift cards by making the most of your normal internet usage, look no further than Swagbucks. Follow the guidance outlined here to maximize your earnings potential. With consistency and dedication, you’ll never pay for gift cards again!

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