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The Laptop Lifestyle: How Location Independent Entrepreneurs Make Money Online

The “laptop lifestyle” refers to entrepreneurs and professionals who leverage technology to work remotely and run their businesses from anywhere in the world. With a laptop and an internet connection, these digital nomads break free from the traditional office environment to build flexible, location-independent incomes.

This exciting new lifestyle is gaining popularity, especially among millennials and Gen Zers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the many ways location independent entrepreneurs make money online through the laptop lifestyle.

What is the Laptop Lifestyle?

The laptop lifestyle is a way of living and working that allows complete freedom and mobility. Instead of being tied down to a specific office or city, those who lead a laptop lifestyle can work and travel the world at the same time.

Some key components of the laptop lifestyle include:

  • Working remotely: Using a laptop and internet to work from anywhere – whether a beach in Bali or a cozy home office.
  • Location independence: Not having to live/work in any particular location. Ability to travel and live anywhere.
  • Flexible schedule: No set working hours. Work gets completed at anytime.
  • Passive income: Making money through blogs, digital products, investments that generate income without active effort.
  • Minimalism: Keeping possessions to a minimum for ease of mobility. Digital nomads pack light.

By leveraging technology and passive income streams, anyone can embrace the laptop lifestyle, become location independent, and work or travel the world. It’s ultimately about the freedom and flexibility to build your ideal life.

Why Choose the Laptop Lifestyle?

First and foremost, the laptop lifestyle provides the freedom to work and live wherever you want. But it offers many other advantages as well:

  • Travel the world: Explore new cultures and places while working and earning.
  • No commute: Skip the traffic and enjoy a 1 minute commute from bed to desk.
  • Be productive anywhere: Work from beautiful exotic destinations or relaxing environments.
  • More family time: Spend more quality time with loved ones versus stuck in an office.
  • Tax benefits: Establish residency in no or low income tax states or countries.
  • Cheaper cost of living: Set up shop in more affordable destinations and keep savings.
  • Healthier lifestyle: Customize schedule allowing more time for fitness, sports and wellbeing.
  • Personal growth: Immerse yourself in rich life experiences and opportunities for learning.

For many, the opportunity to have the freedom to live life on their own terms is priceless. The laptop lifestyle lets you design an ideal balanced lifestyle tailored to your unique dreams and passions.

How to Make Money Online: Top Methods for Location Independent Entrepreneurs

Laptop lifestyle entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet to earn location independent incomes. Here are some of the most popular money making methods:

Start a Blog or Website

Blogging and websites are extremely popular passive income sources. By providing quality content and information online, you can monetize your blog or website in several ways:

  • Advertising networks: Like Google AdSense where companies pay to advertise.
  • Affiliate marketing: Earn a commission promoting other companies’ products.
  • Selling ad space: Charge companies to advertise directly on your site.
  • Digital products: Sell your own eBooks, courses, or templates.
  • Freelance writing: Get paid for guest posts or sponsored content.

Websites on travel, lifestyle, finance and more can also generate income through similar monetization strategies. Just focus your content on topics aligned with your expertise and interests.

Launch an eCommerce Business

Building an online retail business is easier than ever. With a laptop, WiFi connection and services like Shopify, you can start selling products globally right away.

Some popular ecommerce models include:

  • Dropshipping: Sell products shipped from a third party supplier directly to customers. Requires no inventory.
  • Print-on-demand: Products like t-shirts, mugs and more are printed/made only when a customer places an order. The fulfillment company ships them directly.
  • Selling own products: Manufacture and sell your own products using platforms like Shopify. Handle fulfillment through Amazon FBA, shipping providers etc.

Leverage Instagram and influencer marketing to grow your ecommerce brand. Apps like Oberlo also make the product fulfillment process simple.

Offer Freelance Services

Offering freelance services is a great way to earn income from anywhere. With diverse options like writing, programming, design, consulting and more – utilize your unique skills and expertise.

Popular freelancing platforms connect services providers with clients:

  • Upwork: Large remote work job platform for freelancers.
  • Fiverr: Freelance services marketplace starting at $5 per gig.
  • Freelancer: Hire freelancers for projects or find freelance jobs.
  • Toptal: Premium network for hiring freelance developers, designers, finance experts.

You can also find clients through LinkedIn, social media and your own website. There is endless demand for talented freelancers across industries.

Create Online Courses

Online education is booming. You can cash in by creating online courses to teach your subject of expertise through convenient mediums like video lessons.

Some options to sell your online courses include:

  • Teachable: Popular course hosting platform. Easy course creation tools.
  • Udemy: Massive open online course marketplace. Keep most of the profit from sales.
  • Skillshare: Get paid to teach classes on in-demand skills.
  • Podia: Build and market online courses with built in marketing tools.

You can teach just about anything from piano to programming. Information products leverage your time since they can be sold repeatedly to unlimited customers.

Invest in Cryptocurrency and NFTs

For the more investment oriented – get started with cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin provide new decentralized digital currencies powered by blockchain. NFTs allow you to sell digital artwork or assets using the blockchain.

You can:

  • Buy and sell crypto: Invest in cryptocurrencies and cash out profits.
  • Stake crypto: Earn interest on crypto holdings.
  • Mine crypto: Use computers to validate crypto transactions and earn new currency.
  • Launch NFTs: Create and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of digital artwork, music and more.

Leverage apps like Coinbase, Binance and to buy, sell, trade, and invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Rent Out Your Home or Extra Space

If you have a spare bedroom or vacation property, you can easily rent it out for extra income through services like Airbnb, VRBO and You set the nightly rate, availability and house rules.

Other options include:

  • Rent out parking space: Idle parking space can be rented on apps like JustPark.
  • Rent storage space: Rent out extra closets, attics or garage space.

Take advantage of empty space while you travel to enjoy some passive rental income. A property manager can also handle rentals for you.

Offer Virtual Assistant Services

If you’re well organized and detail oriented – provide administrative, technical or creative support services as a virtual assistant. Tasks could include web research, appointment setting, email management, data entry, bookkeeping and more.

Find clients through websites like:

  • Upwork
  • Fancy Hands
  • Zirtual
  • Fiverr

Set your own rates and create a schedule that works for you. Freelancing sites connect you directly with clients online.

Do Micro Jobs

Micro jobs platforms offer opportunities to earn extra cash by completing quick online tasks. These bite-sized projects can range from data entry, transcription, web research, surveys, ad testing and beyond.

Top micro job sites:

  • Amazon Mturk: Get paid for completing Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) like image tagging, data validation etc.
  • Fiverr: Purchase micro gigs and services starting at $5.
  • Clickworker: Earn money completing small digital tasks and projects.
  • Appen: Get paid for mini online jobs like search engine evaluation, speech collection etc.

In your down time or while waiting around, easily crank out activities to collect small amounts that add up.

Create and Sell Products Online

Unleash your creativity or production skills by manufacturing and selling your own products online through platforms like Etsy, Shopify and more.

Popular options include:

  • Print-on-demand: Design patterns and artwork to print on products like apparel, home goods, art prints etc.
  • Handmade crafts: Make your own crafts, jewelry, décor, beauty products and more then sell online through your own store.
  • Physical products: Source and develop your own physical products then brand and market them through your own ecommerce site.

Apps like Printify and Printful make on-demand printing and order fulfillment a breeze.

Become an Influencer

If you can grow a sizable social media following around a niche like travel, fashion, fitness, etc. you can monetize it through:

  • Sponsored posts: Get paid by brands to showcase products or services.
  • Affiliate links: Earn commissions promoting brands you love anyway.
  • Digital products: Expand your audience into buyers.
  • Merchandise: Create and sell custom branded apparel and accessories.

With creativity and consistency, you can build influencer status on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and more. Brand deals provide a steady income stream.

License and Sell Stock Media

Did you know you can earn royalties from selling photos, videos and more through stock media sites? By licensing your work, businesses can purchase and use it.

Top sites include:

  • iStock: Sell stock photos, illustrations, video clips and audio files.
  • Shutterstock: Submit your own images, footage, music and more to this giant stock library.
  • Alamy: Earn ongoing royalties when your accepted photos and videos are purchased.

Take high quality photos and b-roll video footage while traveling to make this passive income stream easy. A laptop lifestyle photographer – dream job?

How to Choose the Right Location Independent Income Streams

With so many ways to make money online – how do you choose the best income streams for your laptop lifestyle? Here are some factors to consider:

Your Skills and Interests

Focus on monetizing skills and topics you’re naturally good at and enjoy. Your passion and expertise will drive success. Don’t force yourself into uncomfortable lanes.

Income Potential and Stability

Research the earning potential and stability of various digital income sources based on your goals. Some provide steadier consistent incomes (like freelancing) while others require more effort but offer higher upside (like online courses). Factor in your risk appetite.

Upfront Time and Costs

Some income streams like blogging and freelancing have lower barriers to entry and can generate revenue quickly. On the flip side, ecommerce, course creation and other options require more upfront effort and investment before profits start flowing in.

Passive vs. Active Income

Passive income from blogs, affiliate marketing, and other set-and-forget ventures are ideal for the laptop lifestyle. But they take time to build. Active incomes like freelancing offer a more immediate return for time invested. Evaluate how hands-on you want to be.


Can the income stream scale with your goals? For example, freelancing is typically capped based on your hourly rate and hours worked. On the other hand, something like blogging can continually grow the more content you create.

Make sure to diversify your income sources over time. Having multiple streams provides stability and growth potential to fund the laptop lifestyle.

Getting Started With the Laptop Lifestyle – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re sold on pursuing this enticing remote work lifestyle – here’s how to get started:

Choose Your Income Stream(s)

First identify 1-2 income source aligned with your goals, expertise, interests etc. Don’t overloaded yourself but rather focus on testing and proving out models initially. Popular starter options include blogging, freelancing, ecommerce, and creating digital products.

Handle the Logistics

Get set up operationally to enable working remotely including:

  • Business formation: Establish an LLC or entity to formalize your venture. Manage taxes, legal compliance etc.
  • Banking: Set up a business bank account and payment processing for easy receivables and payables.
  • Tools: Equip yourself with platforms, software, subscription services needed for your work. Video chat, project management, document signing, productivity and more.
  • Co-working spaces: Scout out cool co-working spaces in desired destinations to have workspots, meetups and reliable internet.

Having the logistics in place makes launching smooth and provides the flexibility to work anywhere.

Build Your Skills

Identify any skills needed for your income stream(s) and start developing them. For example, if starting a blog – work on writing skills. For freelancing – build technical abilities in your service area. Invest in courses or mentors to level up faster if needed.

Start Creating and Promoting

Begin actively working and creating. Write blog content, build products, offer services, develop course curriculum – whatever aligns with your business model.

Simultaneously spread the word and promote yourself. Network online and offline. Reach out to influencers and partners for collaborations. Use social media marketing to attract an audience.

Analyze and Optimize

Track metrics and continuously test and iterate on strategies to optimize both creation and promotion. For example split test headlines to increase engagement or use multiple platforms to sell products. Refine your game plan based on data.

Expand Your Income Streams

Over time, diversify into multiple income sources for stability. Stack complementary models that utilize your expertise like blogging alongside affiliate marketing. Outsource or automate administrative tasks where possible.

Enjoy the freedom and fulfillment of the laptop lifestyle as your income grows! Then rinse and repeat the process to scale your business.

Location Independent Lifestyle FAQs

Interested to learn more about leading a location independent digital nomad lifestyle? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much money can you make with the laptop lifestyle?

Income potential is unlimited but depends on your business model and effort. Many earn a comfortable living of $60,000-$100,000+ per year. Top bloggers make over a million dollars annually. Focus on providing value and the money will come.

Do you need to be tech savvy?

Not at all! While many veteran digital nomads work in tech – it’s not a prerequisite. You can use skills like writing, social media, design, coaching and more. Leverage easy-to-use tools and platforms to simplify tech.

Is it lonely being a digital nomad?

It’s a common misconception that the laptop lifestyle is lonely. In reality, you often end up meeting MORE people since you continuously visit new places and frequently work in social coworking spaces. Maintaining relationships does however require effort.

How do you find WiFi and power overseas?

WiFi is widely available in most countries these days. Co-working spaces provide reliable connectivity but cafes, restaurants and hotels work too. Portable chargers, batteries and adapters make charging electronics on the go easy.

Don’t you miss having a home base?

While constants are comforting, you adapt. Your “home base” just shifts – maybe to family, a favorite city, or simply wherever you are that moment. View the world as your home to avoid feeling unsettled.

Is it safe to travel and work abroad alone?

The world is mostly very safe but it’s wise to exercise reasonable precautions solo or not. Stay aware of your surroundings. Avoid sketchy areas. Use accommodation with security. Ask locals for safety tips. Travel in moderation.

By leveraging technology to work and live on your own terms, the laptop lifestyle provides amazing freedom. Follow your dreams – there is a whole world of opportunity out there!

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